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Please pre-purchase a pass to secure your seat for the next screening, or buy on the day (cash only, please).

single ticket- $15
special events, not available for all screenings

3 month movie pass – $21
3 consecutive screenings any time of the year unless specified

1 year movie pass – $65
10 screenings including all special screenings

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Pass holders perks:

  • holders of 1 year pass have access to the special screenings organised in partnership with other promoters*
  • holders of 1 year pass can borrow any film that has screened during the membership year at only $5/movie from the EuRaw Stories catalogue*
  • holders of 3 month movie pass can upgrade to 1 year movie pass by paying the difference*


*Terms & conditions:
* we do not sell individual tickets to the EuRaw Stories screenings (promotions or events outside EuRaw Stories are at the discretion of the organisers and will be made clear on the website);
* the 3 month movie pass extension to 1 year movie pass can be obtained by paying the remaining $44, any month of the year
* films may only be borrowed from EuRaw Stories catalogue AFTER they have been screened
* borrowed films will incur a $25 bond reimbursable upon return of the undamaged material

EuRaw Stories screens once a month except for January and August.
The money collected from movie passes are used to cover the expenses incurred when purchasing the screening rights, the venue/ equipment fees and all other internal expenses incurred to run Euraw Stories.
Euraw Stories is a non-profit event.

Contact us at with any questions at

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