Not that kind of child’s pose

While the title of our next film focuses on child, the character at the centre of the film is very much the mother. And a mother’s love even more so, a love taken to extremes, larger than life.

Director Calin Peter Netzer’s own mother served as inspiration for his domineering character Cornelia, a mother who will stop at nothing to deepen her intimacy with her son and to protect him from harm.

Awarded the prestigious Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, Child’ Pose is a drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Perfectly calibrated, it is lead by the feisty Cornelia, a successful architect used to making ruling decisions not only in her work, but in her life and that of her son too.

We meet her first as she is expressing her discontent at a man who doesn’t reward her with the attention and gratitude she expects. You could mistakenly think it’s a lover she’s talking about, but it is her son Barbu she is referring to, now a 30-year old who wants to live his life outside the influence of his mother.

But a tragic event brings them in interpendence again. Barbu is involved in an accident which leaves him vulnerable to his mother’s desire to control the situation. He runs over and kills a boy from a modest family. Despite all the evidence incriminating him, his mother is still convinced of his innocence and present him as an exemplary son to the bereft family, a powerful and meaningful scene.

What is certain is you will leave the film with a lot of questions about what a mother’s love means, when it is too much, when it crosses invisible limits.

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